Wilson has a number of works in various stages of creative development. KENS DOING is a social media based project, so, what’s doing KENS Doing? I’m so glad that you asked…Welcome to Kens Doing.

This is a performance art work in developed for YouTube and is progressing to rebranding exercise: Kens Doing. 


KENS Doing draws inspiration from iconic Australian figures of the 80s such as Ken Done, Christopher Skase and Peter Russell Clark. Unlike those figures, KENS finds himself in today’s new world where diversity and marginal voices are rising. KENS is trying to make sense, why he as a white man, he’s no longer relevant. This mad-capped oddball’s wound-up, in over-drive while trying to grapple with the intersection. Is it time for KENS to make way for a new generation? But what happens to dinosaurs like KENS, he keeps cracking… Remember, you can, like KENS can. 


Dramaturgy Maude Davey.

Musical director Will Conyers

Videographer: Matt Smith – coming soon.


Michele Williams.