Homage to Bricolage

Projection, performance, Shakespeare, KFC, identity and politics in the digital age.


This original performance art work was initially developed as a grant recipient through RMIT Link Arts program in 2016. The work then received support from a development season at The Butterfly Club. Emile Collier provided mentoring to the script development as part of Union Theatre’s 2017 writers-in-residency program.

Homage to Bricolage was successfully presented across 3 seperate venues within a 12-month period.


Confronting at times, absurd at others, in Homage to Bricolage nothing is safe.

From a reflection about not wanting to think about the politician George Christensen’s penis; to a guy in his underwear playing the videogame World of Warcraft who’s reached the limit of Facebook friends; to an insatiable hunger for ‘The Colonel’s’ original chicken combo.

The controversial Safe School’s program is sharply bought into the spotlight. Wilson then turns to the lived experience of online/offline identity, sexuality, gender, marriage, media and Shakespeare.

Did you just say KFC and Shakespeare? Yes.

Performed against a dynamic and immersive backdrop, the stage becomes a canvas as image, text, music and media create a surreal rainbow world.

Homage to Bricolage will surprise and provoke at every turn: Audacious, brave and beautiful, Mark J Wilson’s artful creativity and voice will command.

Testing Grounds


14, 15, 16, September 2017, Testing Grounds, Melbourne Fringe Festival

The Butterfly Club


12, 13, 14, May 2017, May 2017 season at The Butterfly Club, Melbourne.

Green Brain, Story Hall, RMIT


10, 11, 12 November 2016


Theatre Press

Broadwayworld Australia

Weekend Notes

Green Brain, Story Hall, November 2016