Doubting castle 4: practice-led research

This blog entry addresses the issue relevant to resolving a problem encountered in the development of our digital story assignment. This required firstly identifying the problem of defining an online marketing strategy that targets social media and marketing professionals. And what are the steps that needs to be taken to working towards finding a resolution.

Defining online marketing strategy

Defining a perfect marketing strategy which targets marketing professionals and people with a general interested in the growth of Facebook in South East Asia, present significant challenges. The technical component of the problem will need to define a suitable digital marketing strategy that contains effective audience reach. The choice of marketing aesthetics will benchmark the standard and tone and while also ensuring the standard of the campaign.

Focussed research examples include:

  • Marketing insights and approaches used by similar campaigns
  • Ensuring the content narrative contains targeted scope
  • Definitive ending with relevant climax

Research & examples

Examples of using LinkedIn as a channel to promote a social media strategy, suggest presenting different content that includes Links / images / videos. This research suggests the approach will double the amount of Web traffic and generate general interest in the end product. This approach will include creating a detailed article that explains and adequately frames the video content. The video would then be embedded in the article post, in addition to including static images (research suggests using up to eight images). Other suggestions include building a network and connections to establish a specific target audience.


Theory of advertising

Advertising theory recommends using communication to convey specific information towards the social and symbolic use of a product. This suggests the narrative needs to provide focussed lead research that targets the end user, who will be using the product. HubSpot group on LinkedIn provides specific examples of presenting this type of content.



In the example of this assessment, the level of marketing needs to be very targeted and specific. This is a considerable challenge, it can be overcome by:   

Highlighting relevance

  • Use LinkedIn to target and link back to website / articles
  • Consistent and regular posting promoting the profile
  • Consistent image and branding
  • Combined marketing and networking presence synergy
Moving forward

Working to create targeted content that promotes the campaign will benefit the overall marketing strategy to reach the target audience. In this case, the goal is to reach marketing professionals who are considered influencers on social media. In the first instance, defining the campaigns voice and key messaging will place the campaign in a good place to commence delivering this content.