Vanity Fair 5: VOIP

Telecommunications revolution has enable VoIP conversations with reduced costs. As part of our teams digital story task for #CMWP we took part in a team workshop on Skype. This process enabled us to meet and discuss the project while at our individual homes in co-locations.


The audio and visual nature of the call allowed for the team to explore the presentation of ideas. Using Skype was easier than having a conversation on the phone or instant messaging or Facebook. The conversation enabled the clear communication of our individual creative ideas. The call allowed the opportunity to gain insights into each others work and respond to specifics. This process has been beneficial to our team’s collaboration process. As part of the story boarding task that we are in the middle of, we we’re able to discuss specific ideas and explore the development of the project in greater detail.


As part of the productive discussion that the team had via Skype, it became apparent that we need to develop a stronger visual narrative to build on the digital story task idea. From the initial drafting, it is clear the data is dominating the story, we need to ensure there is stronger visual elements. It was easier discussing this via Skype, rather than instant messaging or Facebook. This type of video call helped to engage and relate to each other more.


Negative aspects of Skype technology includes ensuring everyone is available and has the technology installed. Other weaknesses of the experience included it being difficult to maintain constant focus during the call, where other background activities, sounds or events distracting some participants. Other weaknesses include the share functionality is depended on Internet speed. We had some difficulties with the screen sharing function that did not display during the conversation. This was slightly frustrating and became time consuming. This type of technology function can be easily overcome in face-to-face meetings. As a preference it is easier and more productive to meet and discuss ideas in person.