Doubting castle 2: Digital drawing

Doubting castle 2: Flipped lecture on image editing, digital drawing or basic audio editing

Digital drawing flipped lecture explorations

Digital drawing skills are required for the successful completion of digital stories task (CWMP assessment). This may require creating images for both the social media marketing components of the assignment. Vector images that are created using a Bitmap tool require practiced skills, that are developed overtime and require research into learning new techniques. Familiarity and consistent use with an image editing tool greatly assists in this process.

The cognitive challenge in this flipped lecture asks students to create a Bitmap drawing. The following image presents a very simple vector drawing exercise to provide evidence of developing these skills. The image illustrates both ‘drawing a line’ and ‘filling a vector shape’ techniques.


As part of the flipped lecture on digital drawing techniques research was conducted into vector image shape creation and the filling of these shapes. The searching identified Adobe tutorials creating an event flyer. This tutorial demonstrates how to create a simple flyer using the vector fill technique.

no no power final.jpg

This fly was created as a simple exercise to demonstrate the techniques that are presented in the tutorial. Both of these images are very quick demonstrations of using some Photoshop techniques.

The following tutorial demonstrates a freehand drawing technique to create a vector image in Adobe Photoshop (Octouts, 2010). This demonstration outlines the pros and cons of using a graphic design drawing table and drawing either in freehand or using a mouse. This highlights that ongoing practice and skill development are required to create vector drawing techniques.


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