The Interpreters house 4: Hashtag research

Hash Tag research

Twitter has a prompt functionality that suggests hashtags to users while composing a tweet. This technology affordance that promotes hashtags is useful to the user, however, more detailed research on hashtags can be performed using the Twubs platform. Twubs allows users to search, find, target, and discover hashtag’s and conversations using its search engine.

This facilitates the discovery of deeper conversations and the contributors that are the influencers of these hashtags. The search capability helps to identify relevant information within a specific research area. Twubs returns tweets displaying in a livefeed that contains hashtags, text and also displays the top contributors and members within this hashtag domain.

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Performing hashtag research

As part of the digital stories task (a short Web media piece for CWMP), hashtag research was performed to identify targets for the social media marketing strategy component of the assignment. This required identifying leaders within the social media marketing domain, who may be able to promote and or provide feedback on the digital story video. These influencers were located using the Twubs search engine, returning these results:

  • Twitter hashtags #Facebookadvertising #digitalmarketing
  • Twitter influencers: Kurt Lohmann 21.7k followers ‘Helping businesses grow through Social Selling & Social
  • Media Marketing’ @kurtlohmann #socialselling #smm

This hashtag research provided very specific information within the social media marketing profession who influence on twitter and other platforms.

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Hash tag directory

Twub’s allows users to add their hashtag into a directory. This is a straight forward process allowing a user to add the hashtag and by selecting a registration button. This can assist users who may wish to officially trademark a hashtag, which is then protected within a legal framework. This directory is sorted by categories, such as: events, organistations, television, chats etc… Providing enhanced hashtag searches relevant to a specific subject area. Tuwbs also suggests that formally registering a hashtag helps to supports SEO “exposing the primary information about” the hashtag (Twubs, 2016).
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