Enchanted Ground 4: Gamification 1

Newport Lakes Walk


The concept of this game is to create a very simple interactive playing game with the objective of assisting users to navigate through Newport Lakes. This is part of an assessment task for #CWMP at RMIT. The games concept will enable users to navigate the park without needing a paper map or to follow digital maps such as Google Maps.

Newport Lakes is a park of diverse habitats and wetlands  a short drive west of Melbourne (Friends of Newport Lakes 2011). There are many different paths within the park winding and dividing off into directions, turning and twisting around the wetlands.

The concept behind this game will utilise QR codes to outline the different paths that are available within the park and suggest routes to players. QR codes will be strategically placed on the existing numbered markers in the park. Players will be enabled to scan at locations and follow the suggestions different route options available. Because of the winding nature of the different paths within the park, there are many options to select from.

The game attempts to use QR tracking and twitter to identify the locations across the park. The friends of Newport lakes twitter account will contain a series of individual tweets that will explain the directions from each marker. The individual tweet locations will be shortened and created into QR codes. The player can then tweet back at Newport lakes describing the gaming experience or the nature surroundings, including comments, photos or Vines.

FONL Map 2.jpg (Friends of Newport lakes 2011)

The Rules:

  1. Find code location at the main entrance to Newport Lakes
  2. Walk into the park and locate marker 1
  3. Scan the code
  4. Follow the directions outlined from marker 1
  5. Tweet, Instagram, Facebook @Newportlakes #FoNL (Friends of Newport Lakes)

Decision tree representing playing the game

The decision tree represents the simple path logic of the game. This maps out the steps for players to document their location and what steps to take. This decision tree provides a sample only of the different options available to play this game. For the purpose of this exercise as there are only a few options available to play this game, which is to establish creating a prototype for testing the games effectiveness.

Screen Shot 2016-05-28 at 12.14.57 PM copy.jpg

Marketing image

The marketing images presents a simple three-word slogan, which follows marketing principle of capturing the attention of audience. The colour selection uses a primary colour palette and imagery to provoke a striking and bold image. The vector image ‘cheerful spring landscape with sunburst is used to promote the game (Freepik 2016).

Green Landscape 002 copy.jpg

Motivation for playing the game

The intention for  playing this game is to help navigate players through the park without using any other form of maps. This will:

  • Identity the location at numbered markers
  • Provide opportunities for users to tweet about the location
  • Give clear instructions from a reliable source about the routes within the park
  • Open different locations for users to find different route within the park

The motivation for playing the game is to provide clear directions and enhanced the overall park experience that is clear, informative and interactive.

Reference list

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FreePik, 2016, Cheerful landscape with sunburst, viewed 28 May 2016 <a href=”http://www.freepik.com/free-vector/cheerful-spring-landscape-with-sunburst_712188.htm”>Designed by Freepik</a>